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InstaTrack Pro

InstaTrack Pro is an App for Apple iPad designed by teachers for teachers. You can use it to record responses to questions or take attendance as well as other uses. You may even be amazed at all the ways you'll discover you can use it. PDF Reports are generated that can be saved or emailed instantly.

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My Short List

My Short List is a quick and simple way to Jot down little things you want to remember. Just type it in and hit "Save". It's not a reminder app that has to be configured with dates and times. It's super handy to be able to add items and delete them at any time with just a swipe when you no longer need them. You can even rearrange the items in your list to move the important things to the top. You can also print the list with AirPrint, send it in a message or send it in an email with just a few taps.

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